Sunday, February 20, 2011

A-HA moments

So I have one more week until I've completed my competition of life change. I declared to drink 12 Glasses of water per day, practice Spanish 3 days per week and consume flour 3 days per week.

During my morning exercise, I experienced an a-ha moment! I was focused on the days I'd allow myself to consume flour this week. What I quickly realized is a better goal would have been for me to limit my intake of desserts. It really isn't flour, its dessert!

The big picture is moderation. When moderation isn't working then its important to ask the difficult question: "What am I avoiding?" or "What is it that I stopped seeing?"

I realize that sweets are fun & comforting for ME. I live a life of such constraint & restraint. I'm so responsible and its one of the few places that I indulge.

What I know for sure is "Indulging is fine, it just has to be done in moderation."

So this week I'm going to be looking for ways to embrace moderation when I want to reach for a dessert or purchase something I can live without.

I also will extend myself grace and mercy when I want to live it long as its done under the umbrella of moderation.

To your greatness!

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