Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Long way to go & a short time to get there!

As I find myself looking at my own life and my clients, I find myself being asked more often what one can do to align their life and remain organized. To help you regain control of your life, what follows are three tips which will help you manage your personal and professional life.

To your greatness & imminent success!

Tip #1
Consult daily with your “Priority Matrix” app or “TaskTask HD" app. These two apps provides a simple way to remain on task by looking at what needs to be done today, in what order, the future, a look at what’s scheduled, as well as an overview of projects and what’s going on other aspects of your personal life to see the big picture. This tool helps you easily keep many goals organized in one place and also affords the ability to share this information. Think of this tool as the GPS for navigating your chances toward obtaining success.

Tip #2
Invest in an app such as "iThoughtsHD." It’s a mind-map system that puts all the tasks in one place so you can always see where all of the tasks listed in Priority Matrix or TaskTask HD apps are headed.
It’s a minimal investment ($9.99), yet essential to remain internally and externally motivated.

Tip #3
Land all of your documents, recordings & follow up inquiries into "Evernote." provides an easy to track system that allows you to view your documents in one place as well as retrieve from any virtually any electronic device. They have a free as well as a premium version for pay. This will save you time and also help you keep necessary documents a couple clicks away.

All of these tips can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less. By following the advice provided, you will have a tangible process with built in support that enables you to purposefully become involved in every aspect of your life, whether you’re surrounded by supportive people or not. This approach allows you to set your own goals & effectively delegate when necessary, enabling a fool-proof method to a) take small actions to begin solving problems as they arise; b) properly evaluate negative perceptions of events and high expectations of others as they arise; & c) consciously choose to let go of unhealthy or unattainable goals and develop multiple sources of self-esteem while building the life of your dreams.

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