Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving forward....

I've officially completed my 1st week goals. As is true in most things, it was easy at 1st and became challenging once I wanted something I had pre-chosen not to have.

I was at a cross-road. Would I choose to give in, re-interpret my goals or proceed forward toward my desire to purposely complete healthmonth....and get those Chuck Taylor's I promised myself at the end of February.

The way I got past my challenge & so can you...was to do the following:
1) Increase my circle of accountability & share my goals as well as popularize the site that I agreed to blog my journey for.

2) Plan...Plan & plan in advance what I'd eat, what days I'd eat flour, how I could carve out the time to learn Spanish as well as how I would make certain to drink enough water.

3) Question my thinking when i didn't get to have what I wanted.

These three approaches revealed that no matter how accomplished or far I perceive I've come in improving my life, there's always more re-tooling to be done.

I kept a VOSS 28.7 oz bottle of water alongside me. I usually began in the morning by downing 1 & setting another full bottle next to my keys or computer to remain congnizant of the need to drink more water-96 ounces to be exact!

I also looked at my calendar and noted the dates I was going to be in places where more than likely ther would be temptation to have flour. I pre-scheduled those dates as my days to indulge.

Last Friday I noticed a meltdown of sorts because I was tired of drinking water, wanted cookies & didn't quite feel like completing the tasks that were begging for my attention from nor my personal and professional pursuits.

This inability to have what I wanted got me present with the number of times I reach for flour products; how much I truly ENJOY flour...and how much flour provides mindless comfort to me if I'm not watchful.

The marching orders for me this week are Focus, Adaptability & Confidence.

Focus on the big picture-I desire to sustain & heighten my health, physical fitness & second language communication skills.

Adaptability in my ways of handling things & speaking to myself when things don't go my way.

Confidence in my ability to sustain and continually go the distance. Even things I don't understand, I'm certain that broken down into micro steps, I will focus, adapt & achieve the desires of my heart.

To your greatness!

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