Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolutions REvisited Monthly

When you hear the word "resolutions" what comes to mind? If you're lucky to be naturally tenacious & focused its probably music to your ears!

If you're like the REST of the world, you'll probably resonate with the following finding "About half of all American adults (48%, according to a Marist poll taken in December) say they are at least somewhat likely to make a New Year's resolution this year. Their top vows: to lose weight (19%), quit smoking (12%) and exercise more (10%). Sound familiar?
The Marist poll also found that while 65% of people who made a resolution in 2008 kept their promise for at least part of the year, 35% never even made it out of the gate."

The $11 billion self-help industry attests to the fact that Americans, in particular, are obsessed with resolving to change and are willing to pay for it!
I perceive the missing for most of us, no matter the cost, is accountability. Even in the Times Magazine study
(Read more:,8599,1950511,00.html#ixzz1CpyHphbL) it appeared those who fared best were intentional, accountable & laser-like in what they purposed to accomplish.

In my personal life, professional pursuits & relationships that the best results have been cultivated and sustainable when I've been intentional, accountable & laser like in my purpose and strategy.

REvisit your resolutions DAILY or WEEKLY with Heath Month...

Health Month is an online game (located at which allows you & I to compete against ourselves & its 16,000...and counting other active users in striving to meet as well as supercede your goals.
I was immediately captivated by the idea and decided to engage in the challenge. I've resolved for the month on February to

Allow white flour 3 days a week
Drink at least 84 glasses of water a week
Study Spanish at least 3 days a week

The thing that I like so much about this site is its approachability. Even if you're afraid of change, it makes it pretty easy to wade in the shallows and pick a small goal. The other thing that I find attractive about this approach is the fact that you're only making yourself accountable for one month at a time.

This innovative approach allows you to REvisit your goals, get some accomplishment under your belt & manufacture motivation for the following month.

Before you know it, you'll have three months, then six & twelve. You'll finally get a taste of what it feels like to succeed in areas of your life where others have miserably failed!

Give it a go. You have so much to gain & lose all at the same time. When was the last time you had a game-plan that was a literal WIN-WIN!

To your best life....I've gotta get going and accomplish my goals.

Get yours too at

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