Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Halfway Mark

So this weeks been many opportunities to be stressed, so many things to do & seemingly not sufficient time. However I do believe in rebounds. I've rebounded some of my time by getting up earlier, taking short breaks each day and multi-tasking in an innovative way.

I perceive most multi-tasking is done almost mindlessly. However I chose to multi-task by grouping similar duties and complementing duties together.
For example, while exercising in the mornings, I read some necessary medical journal articles. During my evening exercise I read portions of three different books I'm purposing to complete as soon as possible. While getting a pedicure, I used the time to check email, return messages & start masterminding exactly how I was going to prepare two presentations-one that was on Tuesday 2/15 & the other on Tuesday 2/22.

I got creative with one of my sessions by composing & reading a letter aloud in Spanish. The other two practice days I did while taking a long bath.

To set myself up for success with water I kept two filled bottles bottles-each 33.81 oz close to me. Each time I started thinking about how great something else other than the water would be, I'd just take a gulp of water before I gave myself the chance to nurse conflicting thoughts.

Two of the days I was out of town so I pre-packed water & drank the balance before leaving for my trip & upon return. I made an agreement with myself that I wouldn't have a glass of wine unless I had completed my water 1st.

The flour issue was a little more challenging...I LOVE desserts. I also recognize from my intense monitoring that I sincerely enjoy gravitating toward flour when I've got alot on my plate-its my miniature escape & I simply love trying desserts when they're presented in a pleasing manner.

I love to know things so I can discuss them with others. I also enjoy knowing when something isn't optimal caliber so I can alert others to NOT waste their calories.

So I succeeded, yet I owe a great deal of my success to these Trader Joe Acai Fruit Bursts. I've never really been a chocolate person, yet the hint of chocolate over fruit has literally hit the spot!

To your greatness...

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