Friday, April 15, 2011

Helping Women Succeed...through serendipity

If you were to ask yourself what are the top four things it takes for you to succeed and achieve in EVERY area of your life, how would you respond?

You & I are called to a live in a manner which appropriately responds when life throws us totally outrageous, exciting and unplanned life-changing adventures.

The only way to a safe arrival and the ability to sustain equilibrium is to set one's will to become a permanent resident who solely responds from a place of consistent, yet active rest. The kind of rest that enables you to operate from the center of your intuitive power, no matter what activity you engage in.

I believe humans generally want the same things. Those four things in my opinion are:
1) Health
2) Stability
3) Peace of Mind
4) Confidence

A life filled with health, stability, peace of mind & confidence is the wellspring of all your joy, peace, & power. This infrastructure is paramount to achieve the impossible life we're constantly summoned to NAVIGATE. No matter how much or how little you or I know, we must become committed to continuous learning.

Every challenge is a personal invitation to discover more about who you are, what the world is all about and better coordinate thoughts, actions and consistent, yet active rest.

I recently had the opportunity of being interviewed by Ashley Arn Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #49853), Founder of Orange County Counseling. If you live anywhere near her, you should look her up and acquire her services!

In this interview, I was presented with a series of insightful questions which enabled me to be transparent for the sake of countless others as well as celebrate and honor my evolution as an individual, daughter, wife, sister, extended family member and friend!

When life is all said and done, life ONLY belongs to those who take strategic action. Even if you aren't a woman, there's still many perils you can obtain from my interview and myriad posts/resources available available from the homepage of Dr. Arn's website.

The link to the interview is:

To your greatness,

Pen name Tatum

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