Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Do You Huddle?

Where do you huddle?

I recently attended Willowcreek Leadership Conference 8/6/2009-8/7/2009. One of the presenters discussed the ways we remain stuck. Collectively, this mindset leads us to the phenomenon of always learning, yet never applying; overcommitting with little follow-up and a life which feels pretty insignificant.

The consensus of the internet, the marketplace & authorities on life change is to CHANGE.

BUT HOW.......because it's easier SAID than actually done!
If you're like me, you really want to change your life, however start and somehow get stuck, or lost, or promise to begin again each day...however don't.

Or maybe you set the goal to lose the weight & lost it, yet your personal and/or professional life is in ruin and you can't understand why.

Each of us will ultimately wrestle with something, yet needn't be defeated by it. Most people who achieve things which appear majestic to us mere mortals are the result of 

1) Proceeding past the fear which presented at the moment.
2) Breaking challenging tasks into achievable steps. 
3) Refusing to be paralyzed by analysis.                       

This blog spot is my COURAGEOUS step toward getting out of the "I have to wait to share my gifting with the world until I have a major multimedia deal, am on every retailer shelf around the world and a regular guest on Oprah..." huddle.

Even without any of these deals manifested yet, I've been entrusted with the ability to architect an individuals life-personally, professionally, emotionally & physically.  

I'm living proof that we can overcome our obstacles by courageously taking the first step & knowing in your gut that the next guidance will soon arrive. 

   David Gergen, CNN Political Analyst, stated each of us are invited to the campfire of life.  We are free to get warm and visit as much as we want, however we are expected to bring a log to keep the fire going.  I see the log as our life purpose or unique gifting that no one else in the world can do like you do!

Now each of have a place where we can share our lives honestly & be equipped with ideas to live our best life.

Will you join me on this journey?

I'm committed to post at least one time per week, however as the conversation increases, I see myself blogging and responding to comments multiple times per day.

The first CN1440 thought I'd like you to ponder and share with fellow bloggers:


"What's the #1 thing standing in your way to having the life you envision? What have you done that's working and when will you do it again? What's your accountability strategy?"


Overcoming setbacks quicker. What works is that I'm a consummate learner. I consistently learn things and figure out ways it'll work in my life as well as in the lives of countless others. My accountability strategy is promising myself to "stop forgetting to remember."

To help me keep this process front & center for my life, I made a list of what I don't like, what I prefer & the ways I restore myself when setbacks happen.  

It's the ultimate way to prepare for war in times of peace....

Share yours,



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